Sporting an Injury? When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

Watching endless hours of college hoops this month inspires you and few buddies to hit the courts. Afterall, the thrill of victory never goes away. Unfortunately, after going up for a rebound, you come down on another player’s foot and you end up with a twisted, painful and swollen ankle.

As with any athletic activity, the agony of the feet, hand or shoulder injury goes along with the territory. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior, active adult, or an athlete; bone and joint problems don’t discriminate.

You want to get back in the game? Start you recovery journey by visiting a sports medicine doctor.

What is a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Many people think sports medicine doctors only treat professional athletes. Not true. A sports medicine doctor is a doctor with extra training in conditions that often affect not just professional athletes, but anyone active in sports or just physically active in general.

Sports Medicine Physicians specialize both operative and non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Trained in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury, Sports Medicine Physicians are well qualified to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes or active individuals who simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

  • If you have an injury that doesn’t improve in two weeks, even after you’ve seen your primary care doctor
  • If you have a complicated injury related to overtraining or overuse, like shin splints
  • If you have a chronic condition, like tendonitis in your shoulder, knee or hip
  • If you have a sports injury that requires surgery

In addition to providing comprehensive medical care for both athletes and non-athletes, sports medicine physicians are excellent resources for those who want to become active or begin and exercise program. 

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